[altusmetrum] NMEA input to a TeleMini?

Keith Packard keithp at keithp.com
Sat Sep 9 15:45:12 MDT 2017

Bryan Duke <bryan at thedukes.org> writes:

> Yeah, it all depends on their actual intent behind their “No
> modifications to these commercially manufactured units are allowed”
> verbiage. It also depends on what the record-observing Prefect views
> as ok. I’d rather not have anything questioned after the fact, so I’ll
> ping the records committee and get their blessing & guidance before I
> do any record attempts. No biggie.

Let us know; we can provide a 'commercial' unit with the necessary changes.

> Hopefully the software changes will be as minor as it sounds. I’ll
> touch base on possibly sending a push/diff/etc if they need that.

They may just want review from the manufacturer, in which case we can oblige.

> Ubuntu, of course, didn’t come with all the dev environment stuff set
> up. I installed a few of the bits last night. I’ll keep chewing on it.

apt build-dep altos should work on Ubuntu to get what you need.

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