[altusmetrum] NMEA input to a TeleMini?

Bdale Garbee bdale at gag.com
Fri Sep 8 17:11:40 MDT 2017

Bryan Duke <bryan at thedukes.org> writes:

> I got the TeleMini in today - yup, that’s small. It’s a little bit of
> a bummer how tall the wire connector blocks are, but I’m not sure if
> there are any smaller ones available. 

I don't know of anything smaller that's reasonable.  If you're really
tight on space, removing the block and just soldering wires into the
holes is a credible, if extreme-ish, approach.

> I spent a few minutes trying to get AltOS to build on my Mac, but the
> directions in the docs don’t appear to work with the latest Mac OS. I
> might just fire up a Windows or Linux machine for the dev work. 

I suggest you just set up a Debian system (even a virtual machine) and
do the dev on that.  Keith and I are both Debian developers and
everything you need is packaged and easily available in Debian. 

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