[altusmetrum] 1.6.4 online maps?

Kurt ksaves2 at sbcglobal.net
Sun Jun 19 11:36:49 MDT 2016

   Just updated from 1.6.3 Altos Droid to 1.6.4.   Now I admit, it's been awhile since I used the program with a Tele-GPS.  When I started the programon a Nexus 7 2013 allowed the GPS in the N7 to get a fix, it was appropriately displayed with my cached maps that I had selected.  When I tried Google Maps online it remains blank.  The device has a stable internet connection.  Is there a new setting I have to activate or is there a newlicensing legerdemain I have to go through now?  I simply updated the program through the Android site.  I just tested Bluetooth GPS and"GPS Rocket Locator" and they're both downloading maps with the live internet link I'm currently using at work.   The APRS tracking program APRSISCE/32 is no longer going to be usable with the photomap MapQuest set that's out there either online or cached.They're going to a required key format after July 11th.  Those that have cached tiles with APRSISCE/32 and leave purging turned off will be able to continue to access the maps they have stored.
 Yeah, I know AltosDroid uses Google and not Mapquest and hope this isn't a coming trend.  I was able to get a live photo mapping solution forthe NMEA trackers with APRSISCE/32 going that is rock steady once setup.   EggFinder GPS Graphical Mapping Program Update                                                         Testing has been rough as the thread shows though I was able to find a rocket that went in ballisitic and there was not a visual on it at all.  Completely disappeared.
The Open Source maps sources should remain for use no matter what so this is consolation forall of us.  Open Source of course can be used with Altos Droid too.
I'll try my home connection that is slower than this one at work.  Maybe some program parameter was changed unbeknownst to meduring the upgrade.
Hoping to fly the Tele-GPS in the Fall.
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