[altusmetrum] [AD] Altus Metrum releases AltOS and AltosDroid 1.6.4

Tim Cubbedge tcubbedge at cfl.rr.com
Sat Jun 18 15:59:37 MDT 2016

How do I tell which version of TeleBT I have & how is it upgraded?
I have a TeleGPS ver. 1.0. Any upgrades required for that?

Tim Cubbedge

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W7AMI <terry.w7ami at gmail.com> writes:

> Keith,
>    Very cool.  Thanks for adding this feature, it's very much 
> appreciated.   I have all of my hardware, except my TeleBT, updated and 
> everything is working great.

Good to hear!

If you've got a TeleBT v1.0, you'll want to get it upgraded if you're going to use any of the idle mode features over bluetooth.


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