[altusmetrum] [AD] Altus Metrum releases AltOS and AltosDroid 1.6.4

Keith Packard keithp at keithp.com
Fri Jun 17 13:20:42 MDT 2016

Altus Metrum releases AltOS and AltosDroid 1.6.4

AltOS fixes:

 * Fix hardware flow control on TeleBT v1.0. Hardware RTS/CTS
   doesn't seem to work, switch from using the hardware to
   driving these pins with software. If you've got a TeleBT v1.0 device
   and are planning on using the new AltosDroid idle mode features,
   you'll need to reflash your TeleBT with this update.

 * Fix USB connections to work across host computer reboots.

AltosUI, TeleGPS and AltosDroid New Features:

 * Automatically switch from meters or feet to kilometers or
   miles for distance units.

 * Add Monitor Idle mode to TeleGPS application.

AltosDroid 1.6.4 also represents the first production version to
include the features from AltOS 1.6.3:

 * Monitor Idle mode. Check state of flight computer while in
   idle mode over the radio link

 * Fire Igniters. Remotely fire igniters for recovery system
   ground tests.

 * Remote reboot. Cause the flight computer to reboot over the
   radio link. This provides a method for switching the flight
   computer from idle to flight mode without needing to reach
   the power switch.

 * Configurable frequency menu. Change the set of available
   frequencies and provide more descriptive names.

Find more information on all Altus Metrum products at http://altusmetrum.org.

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