[altusmetrum] DIY TeleMega

Keith Packard keithp at keithp.com
Tue Apr 19 13:46:50 MDT 2016

Steven Saner <steve at saner.net> writes:

> Would you, or anyone else, be willing to share where you are having the
> boards and masks made? I know that there are several places that do that
> kind of thing, but if there are any recommendations, I'd be interested.

I get prototype boards made from either oshpark or seeed studios. We
have production boards made by advanced circuits. Boards made by oshpark
don't have the same dielectric characteristics, so their RF performance
is not as good as advanced circuits boards. I haven't tested the RF
performance of PCBs made by seeed studios.

I cut stencils at home using a silhouette portrait stencil cutter, but
used to have stencils cut by ohararp.com before I bought the cutter.

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