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Tue Apr 19 08:58:40 MDT 2016

"Terry.w7ami" <terry.w7ami at gmail.com> writes:

> If I only had an antenna test range to do real measurements on instead 
> of guessing.

Put the nose cone on a rocket and stand it up, then back off a few tens
of meters and set up your ground station.  The received signal strength
indicator in the ground station software updates on each received frame
and makes doing comparative measurements really easy.  It's not quite as
good as a pro RF range, but you don't need to guess!  You really can

> I did a flight last fall to 9600 feet with just the vertical for 
> tracking and it did a good job.   Even though it was calm on the ground 
> the upper winds caught the rocket, even on drogue portion of the 
> descent, and it landed a mile and a half away.   I had good data most of 
> the time and knew right where to go to get the rocket.

FWIW, during development of TeleMetrum, I often had a TeleDongle with a
1/4 wave wire whip duck-taped to the rear edge of the roof of my Chevy
Suburban, just above the open rear doors.  That meant the whip was
working against the roof of the Suburban and something like a ground
plane.  Worked great on test flights, many of which were to 6-8k feet AGL.

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