[altusmetrum] AltOS 1.3.1 released

David Abmayr dwabmayrjr at gmail.com
Thu Jan 23 21:31:58 MST 2014


When I try to connect the TeleMega to my computer via the USB, AltOS sees
the Telemega on COM 10, but when I try to configure altimeter I get an
error (The system cannot find the path specified (3)). I am running AltOS
1.3.1 and Windows 7 Home Premium, and I have no trouble communicating with
my TeleMetrum. Any idea what's wrong?

David Abmayr

On Wed, Jan 22, 2014 at 10:43 PM, Keith Packard <keithp at keithp.com> wrote:

> Version 1.3.1 is a minor release. It improves support for TeleMega,
> TeleMetrum v2.0, TeleMini v2.0 and EasyMini.
>         http://altusmetrum.org/AltOS/releases/1.3.1.html
> AltOS Firmware Changes
>  * Improve sensor boot code. If sensors fail to self-test, the device
>    will still boot up and check for pad/idle modes. If in idle mode, the
>    device will warn the user with a distinct beep, if in Pad mode, the
>    unit will operate as best it can. Also, the Z-axis accelerometer now
>    uses the factory calibration values instead of re-calibrating on the
>    pad each time. This avoids accidental boost detect when moving the
>    device around while in Pad mode.
>  * Fix antenna-down mode accelerometer configuration. Antenna down mode
>    wasn't working because the accelerometer calibration values were
>    getting re-computed incorrectly in inverted mode.
>  * Improved APRS mode. Now uses compressed position format for smaller
>    data size, improved precision and to include altitude data as well as
>    latitude and longitude. Also added battery and pyro voltage reports
>    in the APRS comment field so you can confirm that the unit is ready
>    for launch.
> AltosUI changes
>  * Display additional TeleMega sensor values in real units. Make all of
>    these values available for plotting. Display TeleMega orientation
>    value in the Ascent and Table tabs.
>  * Support additional TeleMega pyro channels in the Fire Igniter
>    dialog. This lets you do remote testing of all of the channels,
>    rather than just Apogee and Main.
>  * Limit data rate when downloading satellite images from Google to make
>    sure we stay within their limits so that all of the map tiles
>    download successfully.
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