[altusmetrum] Telemetrum question

Keith Packard keithp at keithp.com
Mon Jul 31 18:56:56 MDT 2017

Tim Navickas <tnavickas at kc.rr.com> writes:

> With Airfest questions coming up soon I have started working with my all my Telemetrums and have some questions.
> 1. With the popularity at Airfest of the Telemetrum I do not want to
> be on the same channel as others, even though I know you can.  Last
> year someone was upset at a friend of mine because he came up on the
> same channel.  I know you can add/change channels, is there a good
> rule of thumb of what frequencies to use and not use?

I think the best plan is for us to run a frequency allocation board. We
did that a couple of years ago and it really avoided trouble. Note that
you can create a custom frequency of your own.

> 2. Using the Telebt and AltosDroid software I do not see My Lat and My
> lon on the Pad tab but I do see it on all the others. Is this correct.

Yeah, each tab has different data that I thought might be useful in the
various modes.

> 3. Any reason I cannot fire the igniters using the AltosDroiD software
> but I can fire them using the AltOS  software?  I have the AV bay in
> the same orientation for both.  When I do to the idle mode and select
> fire igniters everything is greyed out.

Hrm. That's a mystery. Make sure you configure your callsign in AltosDroid?

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