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Kurt ksaves2 at sbcglobal.net
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Why can't the organizers have an online signup board where folks can post "only" their proposed frequencies they plan on using?
The Beeline GPS or RDF guys can post their 70cm frequenciesfor all to see and new signups and see if they can get theirs retuned by1 or 2 Mhz separation.  Same with Byonics folks and people with 2 meter ham trackers (AP510) can post their planned frequencyoff the national 144.390Mhz frequency. (As a courtesy if they are goingfor once every 5 second updates)People with tunable stuff can peruse the board and retune theirstuff before coming.  Don't forget the old Walston and Com-SpecRDF stuff in which the tracking transmitter isn't tunable.Easy to post that frequency in advance.
The 900Mhz guys might have issues with the spread spectrum stuffand other protocols used on that band.  With Eggfinders one can tunefrequency and ID.  Missileworks, AIM, and EggFinders might get wonky so it would behoove one to be well aware of what's flying when.  Would be disconcerting if your M/N/O out of sight screameris in flight and someone turns on a tracker and dorks your receiving station.Not too cool. Especially if your flight is totally sight unseen and you have absolutely no idea where the rocket went.
Nonetheless, a physical whiteboard by the check in station or LSO with what tracker/frequency is turned on at any timemight be helpful onsite.  It would behoove a flier to "turn-off" their tracking transmitter as soon as practical once recovered and get that info so their name/freq could be removed from the boardfor someone else to use.
With the popularity of trackers this is going to be more of an issue at very large launches.Kurt
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> With Airfest questions coming up soon I have started working with my all my Telemetrums and have some questions.
> 1. With the popularity at Airfest of the Telemetrum I do not want to
> be on the same channel as others, even though I know you can.  Last
> year someone was upset at a friend of mine because he came up on the
> same channel.  I know you can add/change channels, is there a good
> rule of thumb of what frequencies to use and not use?

I think the best plan is for us to run a frequency allocation board. We
did that a couple of years ago and it really avoided trouble. Note that
you can create a custom frequency of your own.

> 2. Using the Telebt and AltosDroid software I do not see My Lat and My
> lon on the Pad tab but I do see it on all the others. Is this correct.

Yeah, each tab has different data that I thought might be useful in the
various modes.

> 3. Any reason I cannot fire the igniters using the AltosDroiD software
> but I can fire them using the AltOS  software?  I have the AV bay in
> the same orientation for both.  When I do to the idle mode and select
> fire igniters everything is greyed out.

Hrm. That's a mystery. Make sure you configure your callsign in AltosDroid?

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