[altusmetrum] Telemetrum Antenna

Clay & Carly Dunsworth ccdunsworth at gmail.com
Fri Sep 20 14:14:29 MDT 2013

I am not sure about new phones, the last one I had was in 2001.
Never looked back.  My wife makes me take hers when i go fly now... (i
havent told her, its fine, because there arent pay phones anymore)
My cheap china android tablets i got for the kids have horrible reception
and just a whip antenna.(taped to the galvanized steel LCD...DUH...)

After reading that PDF I drew a line of conclusion that the higher the
frequency the easier that type of antenna is to use.  use, as in being
feasable for the PCB and in aplication.  The lower frequency is just tooo
long of wave length.
I think the copper trace antenna is an avenue that needs explored. probably
not so much for production, but for those of use who actually want to mount
the electronics in the forward closure.... to be honest, all my "science"
experiments are behind a Dad of 3 youngins... so it will happen in due
time, just may be a long time.    I have found if i just work a little here
and there as i can, it adds up.
The circlular polarized patch antenna is awesome.... if you roll your own
tube, you could lamitate it right in... Really cool stuff.

I was just not sure of how much the 10mw was suseptable to the resistance
of the wire. Not really sure how much resistance difference is in 22 to 26
ga solid core.  I had replace the whip a while back and guess i was off a
tad on the length.  I noticed i have a weaker reception on my rocket than I
do others that ive been able to track.... this redo should fix that. It
bumped up on my ground test last night 1 or 2 db. just a dongle with a
rubber duck.

I have a launch opporotunity tommorow, then again in two weeks...  :) time
for some testing!


On Fri, Sep 20, 2013 at 11:22 AM, George Shaiffer <gshaiffer at msn.com> wrote:

>  Probably speaking from ignorance, but an idea occurred while following
> this thread:
> The "rubber ducky" antenna disappeared from cell phones when they started
> printing fractal based
> antennas onto the case/circuit board.  A Fractal  antenna could possibly
> be another solution?  Just wondering.
> There might be a NAR research project here.
> George Shaiffer
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> Subject: Re: [altusmetrum] Telemetrum Antenna
> Clay & Carly Dunsworth <ccdunsworth at gmail.com> writes:
> > Does the Gage of the antenna wire matter? I am guessing does.
> In theory, a larger diameter wire should give slightly broad bandwidth.
> In practice in this application, you won't be able to tell the
> difference.
> > What is the best Gage To use for the power of the telemetrum?
> All TeleMetrum boards shipped to date have approximately 10 milliwatt
> transmitter output power.  At that power level, pretty much anything is
> just fine.  In production, I use 22 AWG solid insulated with PVC.
> Bdale
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