[altusmetrum] Bulging LiPo battery

Keith Packard keithp at keithp.com
Wed Sep 11 14:56:33 MDT 2013

Peter Hackett <peter.hackett at cal.berkeley.edu> writes:

> Thanks Keith. Especially for:
>> ... appears to be rated to only 4.4V. 3 AA batteries
>>  will nominally run 4.5V; .. doesn't bode well for the health of this
> power supply...
> I tried this out last night but only had it plugged in long enough to hear
> the
> "I'm horizontal and okey-doky" beeps.
> Hopeful a few seconds won't have done any lasting damage.

Yeah, 4.4V isn't far from 4.5V, but running electronics out of spec is
never a great plan...

If the accelerometer continues to work to detect pad vs idle mode,
you're probably fine.

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