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I have always steered away from the solid core.  Most of the time where
space isnt critical ive used machine tool wire, but doesnt work with the
"smallness" of the Altus Metrum products.(16ga).  I bought some smaller
26ga stranded, becuase another altimeter i have, the MFG suggest 26ga
stranded as the "smallest" wire that would be safe.  this was after I
discovered blue color on the copper of the ematch leads. (now i suspect
chemical reaction of the bare copper, oily fingers, and BP residue.) Oddly
its almost too big for the TM i have.

I have never tinned the ends of my wires, but the belkin cable i cut up the
other day suprised me that the wires were stranded copper, and seemed
suitable for this. I always envisioned they were like old telephone cable
with that fiberstuff, that would be unsuitable.  Maybe with this small of a
gage i should solder tin the ends for added reliablity?
I have litterally hundreds of feet of the stuff, and would be a "freebe"
for the rest of my av-building life.

I guess thats why we test!
On Tue, Mar 26, 2013 at 10:41 PM, Michael Stephens
<engrstephens at gmail.com>wrote:

> My only worry would be that solid core wire doesn't like vibration very
> much but stranded wire doesn't do well in screw terminals. I would think it
> could definitely handle the voltage, especially since its such low duty
> cycle.
>  On Mar 26, 2013 8:16 PM, "Clay & Carly Dunsworth" <ccdunsworth at gmail.com>
> wrote:
>>  Anyone use cat5e cable for thier avionics bay?
>> Making a small launcher for the kids, i noticed the 4 twisted pair i
>> have would be a good match for my bay?
>> Its good for things like telephones and data signal, but what about
>> ematch voltage?
>> thinking the sheething and twisted pair may be good at RF shielding?
>> Clay
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