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Michael Stephens engrstephens at gmail.com
Fri Oct 19 12:30:20 MDT 2012

Ok, Answered a few of my own questions (yay open hardware).

The GPS is locked out at Altitude < 18,000m or  Velocity < 515m/s.  It
looks like my current sims show that I am going to get a hair to fast :)

Do we know what happens when it locks out? Does it come back? I'm assuming
the unit fails gracefully when the GPS reciever fails.

I'll probably end up emailing them about this as well. I'm mainly
interested in using the GPS as a starting point for the flight, the accel
can carry it the rest of the way. I need the GPS during recovery to
hopefully get its location because this thing is going to DRIFT.

The commandable pyro appears to only work in idle mode. I'd love to have
this always active. I can probably recompile it hopefully to set this up.

It looks like what I am in need of is the TelePyro and or the TeleScience.
Any ideas on timeframes for production/test unit and prices?

Michael Stephens
engrstephens at gmail.com

On Fri, Oct 19, 2012 at 11:04 AM, Michael Stephens
<engrstephens at gmail.com>wrote:

> Hi all!
> I'm starting to locate components for a possible rocket balloon space shot
> in the next 5 years or so. I had a few questions.
> Does the telemetrum suffer from any GPS lockouts that would make it fail
> to record my maximum height? Generally ITAR locks you out with a max
> velocity or max altitude, obviously rockets would prevent this. All I
> really want is altitude.
> Is it possible to get additional uplink commands or pyro channels. I
> really need to air start this guy off the balloon as well as provide a
> nichrome wire cut down. I would also like to power up a redundant altimeter
> or timer.  I'm willing to put this on a separate board but having to route
> yet another wireless tranciever would really stink.
> A little about me (in case you are wondering).
> I'm currently a software engineer at an aerospace company. I have
> participated in a student sounding rocket payload program. I L1 certified
> when I was 15 (under my dad) (that was my last flight). I have a BS in
> computer engineering and an MS in electrical engineering. I am a US
> citizen. I'm planning to start down a long journey of several test flights
> (L1, L2 etc) and balloon launches before I try for the ultimate space shot.
> My goal is to fly a small (small as possible) and low powered rocket right
> up to the space cut off (50-60 miles).
> The telemetrum has a lot of great features that will severely lighten my
> avionics package.
> Michael Stephens
> engrstephens at gmail.com
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