[altusmetrum] AltOS 1.1

Brian Vant Hul bvh2006 at yahoo.com
Tue Oct 16 17:53:19 MDT 2012

Bdale / Keith,

I've loaded the new software.  Everything works fine with both my Telemini and Telemetrum on my
Mac.  Everything works fine on my little Gateway PC except I can't see the Telemetrum in idle mode
over the teledongle.  Attached is a breakdown of my testing.  Any advice?  In vertical flight mode the 

teledongle sees it fine but not in horizontal idle mode.  The serial of of the Telemetrum unit is 922.



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>Subject: [altusmetrum] AltOS 1.1
>Altus Metrum releases AltOS 1.1
>Altus Metrum is pleased to announce the immediate availability of
>version 1.1 of our AltOS software.  AltOS includes the firmware for
>TeleMetrum, TeleMini, and TeleDongle products, and the AltosUI ground 
>station program.
>Version 1.1 is a minor release, that provides a few new features and 
>fixes bugs.  Many subtle changes make the ground station software easier
>to use.  The most visible new features and fixes are:
>    Imperial units option.  When enabled, this uses imperial units (feet 
>    and miles) for all values on the screen and in the voice announcements.
>    A new ‘Age’ element in the Monitor Flight display.  This shows how long 
>    since the last valid telemetry packet was received, making it easier 
>    to tell when communications are lost.
>    Apogee-lockout timer.  At customer request, for situations where the 
>    normal apogee determination algorithm could be fooled, we’ve added an
>    optional timeout value to prevent premature firing of the apogee charge. 
>    Flight data export to Google Earth fixed to work with recent versions.
>    Mac OS Lion and more variants of Windows 7 systems now supported.
>There are bug fixes in the firmware for all hardware products, so customers
>should plan on re-flashing all hardware units at some point.  However, there 
>are no incompatible changes, so this does not have to be done all at once.
>All Altus Metrum products including TeleMetrum, TeleMini, and AltOS are 
>completely open hardware and open source.  AltOS works on Linux, Windows,
>and Mac OS systems.  The hardware design details and all source code are 
>openly available for download from altusmetrum.org, and advanced users are 
>invited to join our developer community and help to enhance and extend the 
>altusmetrum mailing list
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