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got it
On Aug 13, 2012, at 07:21 PM, Geoff Hendrick <ghendrick at netpac.com.au> wrote:

just checked my mail delivery option for this list and somehow it got set to disabled.
can someone reply to this to see if i get it

On 13 August 2012 11:17, Geoff Hendrick <ghendrick at netpac.com.au> wrote:
Just wondering if someone can confirm actual altitudes above 35k ft (~10 km) tracked with the TM and its standard 1/4 wave  wire antenna and a yagi on the rx side.
I saved this comment a while ago but cant remember where i saw it:
"Tests performed at Altus Metrum have shown that a 3-element yagi antenna yields good telemetry from rockets to 20 Km (65,600 feet) altitude, and that a 11-element yagi antenna can receive telemetry from the TeleMetrum to around 100 Km (62 miles)"
Has anyone flown above 35k ft yet with a TM and maintained good reception?

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