[altusmetrum] Altus Metrum releases TeleMini and AltOS 1.0

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Is there going to be a pre-built package for Debian?  apt-get is showing 0.9.2 as the latest version.

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Subject: [altusmetrum] Altus Metrum releases TeleMini and AltOS 1.0

Altus Metrum is pleased to announce the immediate availability of
TeleMini along with version 1.0 of our AltOS software.
TeleMini is a miniature dual-deploy flight computer with data logging
and radio telemetry. Small enough to fit comfortably in an 18mm tube,
this powerful package does everything you need on a single board:
 - 5kB on-board data logging memory. 
 - 70cm ham-band digital transceiver for in-flight telemetry and
   on-the-ground configuration.
 - Transmitted telemetry includes altitude, speed, acceleration,
   flight state, igniter continutity, temperature and battery voltage.
   Monitor the state of the rocket before, during and after flight.
 - Radio direction finding beacon transmitted during and after
   flight. This beacon can be received with a regular 70cm Amateur
   radio receiver.
 - Barometer accurate to 45k' MSL. Reliable apogee detection,
   independent of flight path. Barometric data recorded on-board
   during flight.
 - Dual-deploy with adjustable apogee delay and main altitude. Fires
   standard e-matches and Q2G2 igniters.
 - 0.5” x 1.5”. Fits easily in an 18mm tube.
 - Uses rechargeable Lithium Polymer battery technology. All-day power
   in a small and light-weight package.
 - Learn more at http://www.altusmetrum.org/TeleMini/
 - Available now for $125 through the Altus Metrum web store at
   http://auric.gag.com, and soon through our regular distributors.
In addtion to support for TeleMini, AltOS version 1.0 also includes numerous 
new features for TeleMetrum users:
 - Kalman-filter based flight tracking. Detects apogee more
   accurately, eliminates Mach-delay setting on TeleMini.
 - Wider radio frequency support. Works across the 70cm band.
 - Pre-load satellite mapping images at home
 - A complete list of AltOS changes is available at
All Altus Metrum products including TeleMini and AltOS are completely
open hardware and open source.  The hardware design details and all
source code are openly available for download, and advanced users are
invited to join our developer community and help to enhance and extend
the system.

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