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On Sat, 27 Aug 2011 18:29:11 -0500, John Farmer <rocketsciencefed at gmail.com> wrote:
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> I understand that we are in a scientific hobby, but has anyone done any work
> or considered having an option which would allow AltOS to work in feet and
> mph or knots?

Nope; if there's someone you know who is interested in making that a
configurable option, the source code is all available.

> Several folks in our club are buying this unit, and we sometimes help each
> other track with multiple teledongles. on one such occasion I powered up my
> telemetrum and one of my fellows jokingly offered to test fire my ejection
> charges for me. since then I have waited to power the rocket up in pad mode,
> just in case there is a jerk on the field. has there been any thought to
> pass wording or otherwise limiting who can fire ejection charges or make
> changes through the telemetry system?

Yeah, at least a way to limit the communication to a single serial
number or something. That would at least avoid accidental stuff of this

I've built a prototype launch controller using the built-in AES engine
to secure the link; we could use something like that for radio link, but
it would leave you with the usual key distribution problem (getting the
same shared secret to multiple devices is a pain).

> See you all at LDRS & BALLS,

Bdale and AJ will be at LDRS; vendor booth #19!

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