[altusmetrum] Need help learning how to communicate with the TeleMetrum

Keith Packard keithp at keithp.com
Fri Sep 10 03:04:39 MDT 2010

On Fri, 10 Sep 2010 00:01:17 -0400, "Don Houston" <donhouston at bellsouth.net> wrote:

> I have the TeleMetrum Kit from Apogee Components.  I have a Windows XP
> computer.  I kept checking the web site for the Windows Package.  After a
> few days, I downloaded it.  Had a little trouble installing Java, but
> finally had a clean install.

Good work.

> Got Hyperterminal on the desktop and working.
> I have found the command instructions in Hyperterminal and can change radio
> channels, test the Main and Drogue by firing remotely using RF.

The configuration piece can now be done with the AltosUI application,
available at http://www.altusmetrum.org/AltOS

> I can reboot the altimeter when turned veritcal in the idle mode and
> then it will start transmitting and the gps get locked on in a matter
> of seconds.  I can use ao-view to see the information and hear the
> voice.  The problems I need help with are how to remotely check
> continuity of the charges using RF.

The telemetry data includes the apogee and main charge voltages and are
measuring the 'bottom' side of the charge with a weak pull-down to
ground. So, if the charges are good, you'll get a high voltage reading
(near 4V). If the charges are bad, you'll get a low reading (near 0V).

> I don't know how to configure the TeleMetrum when idle mode to check
> pyro-match continuity .

You can use the 'a' command to dump out the ADC values and look at the
'drogue' and 'main' entries to see what they say. Again, low values
(near 0) mean 'no continuity' while high values (above 6000 or so) mean
'continuity'. Here's what mine says:

(jumper across apogee pins):
> a
tick: 11158 accel: 16048 pres: 26800 temp: 21416 batt: 27232 drogue:  8064 main:   188

(no jumper)
> a
tick: 13334 accel: 16024 pres: 26792 temp: 21484 batt: 27220 drogue:   180 main:   188

(all of these values are directly off of the sensors themselves, and so
aren't in anything like standard units)

> I also do not understand how to download the post flight data using
> the RF link and store it on the computer.

Use AltosUI and select the 'Save Flight Data' entry in the 'File'
menu. When the dialog box displaying the list of devices comes up,
select the appropriate TeleDongle device and AltosUI will communicate
through that over the RF link to download data from the TeleMetrum.

> Also haven't used the tools? to make charts of performance of the
> flight.

You can export flight data in a '.csv' file which has all of the data
converted to standard units, with a header line labling each column, and
with the data values separated by commas. You should be able to import
this into a spreadsheet to analyse at your leisure.

Yes, we want to have a plotting tool built into AltosUI, and I'm hoping
to get a chance to make that happen fairly soon.

> Any instructions and further help would be useful.  Thanks very much.

As always, let us know what issues you've had and we'll try to help out.

keith.packard at intel.com
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